What material is used in the product?

Main Collection: Our collection is primarily crafted from Tritan resin. This material, revered for its durability, clarity, and BPA-free properties, seamlessly pairs with fiberglass. Together, they create a harmonious blend that plays a significant role in reducing our Oil/CO2 footprint.

Cedar Bark Series: At its heart, this series is deeply inspired by cedar bark—an often overlooked byproduct of forestry's essential thinning practices. Strengthened with a robust polymer, we're not just crafting dishware; we're championing sustainable forestry. Remember, these thinning processes are the unsung heroes behind healthy forest growth in Japan. By giving purpose to what's typically discarded, we stand as advocates for Japan's forestry and responsible consumption and conservation.

Sea Mineral Series: Imagine a dishware line that captures the essence of the sea. Our series does just that, drawing its core from sea minerals, the unnoticed byproducts of seawater filtration. Fortified by a state-of-the-art polymer and fiberglass, it's not just a product, but a statement—where sustainability meets resilience.

What color variations do you offer?

  • Cedar Bark Series: Available in Black, Brown, and Light Brown.
  • Sea Mineral Series: Choose from Mineral White, Marine Blue, and Coral Pink.
  • Main Collection Plates: We offer 5 solid colors and 2 semi-transparent hues.
  • Main Collection Cutlery and Mugs: Our cutlery and mugs come in 5 solid colors.

We encourage you to pick the shades that best represent your style.

Can the products be used in a microwave?

For the Main Collection and the Cedar Bark Collection, all items except for the mugs are not microwave-safe. However, all products in the Sea Mineral Collection are microwave-friendly.

Can the products be used in a dishwasher?

Yes, they are dishwasher-safe. However, when loading them in the dishwasher, avoid placing heavier items on top to prevent potential warping or deformation.

Do the products stain or discolor?

  • Main collection: These items are designed to resist most stains. However, for foods with strong colorants, it's advisable to wash them immediately after use. Should any discoloration occur, it's safe to employ bleach for cleaning.
  • Cedar Bark: This line is resistant to most staining. Still, over time and with exposure to oil-rich foods, the cedar bark may undergo natural changes in appearance. We see this as a testament to its organic nature, and we hope you'll appreciate its evolving beauty.
  • Sea Mineral: Products in this collection might be more susceptible to staining, especially from foods with strong pigments. We recommend washing them promptly and, if necessary, using bleach or citric acid-based cleaners.

Q: Can you share the history behind ARAS?

Absolutely. ARAS is a tribute to the legacy of Ishikawajyushi co ltd., nestled in Kanazawa – a place where the tapestry of gourmet traditions interweaves with artisanal excellence.

In 1947, Ishikawajyushi planted its roots in the prestigious Yamanaka Onsen area. Here, artisans honed the ancient craft of shaping wood bases for traditional lacquerware. Always one step ahead, they seamlessly transitioned into the revolutionary realm of resin-based lacquerware.

Fast forward to 2020, an era craving a blend of tradition with modern allure. Recognizing this, Ishikawajyushi united with secca inc., a beacon of contemporary design. From this union, ARAS emerged. More than just dishware, it's a narrative — each piece echoing tales from bygone eras while heralding sustainable futures. Our standout Sustainable Dining collection is a testament to this, transforming forgotten manufacturing remnants into eco-forward masterpieces.